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We are Roofing Contractors that provide Siding Installation Services along with Windows Replacement and Installation.

roofing contractors and roofing repair contractors

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NVR and Son Contractors is a family-owned, Wilmington, DE-based company that provides roofing, windows and siding installation and repair for residential and commercial clients of all sizes across Delaware, serving North Wilmington, Middletown, Claymont, Newark, and all of Kent, Newcastle and Sussex Counties.

With more than 30 years of roofing and general contracting experience, respected OSHA-certified contractor Nino Roca, assisted by experienced crew members and his namesake son, brings the highest standards of customer service, reliability and integrity to his work, which has included luxury residential homes, large commercial clients (including Lowes lumber yards and Foulk Manor senior housing communities) as well as city and state government buildings.

We value our reputation for timeliness, responsiveness, affordability and most of all, integrity. Unlike other companies, NVR never subcontracts. We complete projects of all sizes with carefully screened crews of local workers, all vetted by Nino and his team for the quality of their work.

To find out more about our services, call us at (302) 999-9631 for a free appraisal. We appreciate your business and always respond promptly.

roofing contractors and roofing repair contractorsroofing contractors and roofing repair contractors
roofing contractors and roofing repair contractorsroofing contractors and roofing repair contractors


roofing contractors and roofing repair contractors“Big Nino” graduated from DelCastle Technical High School after having studied to get his diploma for welding/fabricating.  After school Nino worked for a local roofing company, but quickly decided that he wanted to start his own business, which he did.  NVR Roofing was incorporated in 1992 and Nino was his own roofing contractor.  “Looking back, I didn’t think too much about it being a lifetime career for me.”  Nino said he would have “little Nino” help him when he could “ever since he was a tiny kid, because he’d be messing with my tools,” so Nino figured he would teach him what was what (so he wouldn’t mess anything up, lol).

In his spare time, Nino enjoys spending time with his family: his beautiful wife Kathleen (a/k/a “Kat”), lil Nino and his daughter, Lexie.  Both big and lil Nino are avid hunters and fishermen.  Nino is also known to be quite the cook.

roofing contractors and roofing repair contractors“Lil Nino” has been by his dad’s side helping him with work projects ever since he was young. Only a teenager, he was just accepted into Delcastle Technical High School where he will pursue training in Welding/Fabrication Technology. In his spare time, Nino is an avid skooter enthusiast, for which he not only has a great passion, but also amazing talent. Nino is currently sponsored by Shop ECX!
roofing contractors and roofing repair contractorsKat will be “second in command” when Nino is out on a job.  She will be handling any scheduling, fielding questions and handling NVR’s accounting.  Kat has been part of the NVR family for almost 3 years now and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board. When she isn’t working her 12-hour shifts at the hospital (yes, she just may be a saint), she enjoys spending time with Nino, lil Nino, her friends, dancing and going to the beach (yes, she CAN bait and reel in her own catch).


Dear Nino,

I wanted to let you know that the roof you installed over 10 years ago, in 2003, looks as good today as when it was installed.  The price, professionalism, and quality of work are impressive, and I would highly recommend NVR to anyone looking for a home or commercial project.

I also had great experiences with you and your crew with siding, soffits, gutters, and various other projects in my house.  I can’t say I look forward to the next one, because it will likely be addressing issues that I have had with other contractors, but your company will be the first I call for my home improvement and maintenance projects. I look forward to working with you in the future, and was excited to hear your operations are expanding again in 2015.

Please let me know if I can add any further detail to add to my recommendation, which is the highest I can give to anyone in the area!

Best regards, Audrey K. (Wilmington, DE)


I am happy to provide a reference for the work provided to me by NVR roofing.

In March of 2003 I contacted NVR roofing for an estimate on a new roof. From the first phone call to the completion of the job I had the most pleasant experience. Nino was very knowledgeable in explaining the different types of roofing I could use and why one would be better than another. I was confident when I made my decision and still happy with it today. Work started as on time and was completed when promised. Nino and his crew took great care of our home and did excellent work. Still today I am happy with my decision to use NVR roofing. I would recommend them to my family and friends for any work they may need done at their homes.

Sincerely, Teresa Brown (Wilmington, DE)


I never paid much attention to my attic until I noticed that my utility bill was getting higher.  I always felt a slight draft coming down as I walked under the pull-down to my attic, so I ventured up one day and realized that it was beyond freezing – and there was a huge draft of air circulating as if an air conditioner was on up there.

Nino and his crew came out and explained everything and replaced my 30-year old insulation with some very bright pink stuff that has cut down my electric bill by 25% – no kidding!  My wife, myself and my bank account thank him because it really did make a difference in heating and cooling efficiency in our home!  I would highly recommend Nino and NVR for any attic insulation job.  He was an absolute pro.  Thank you!



Joe Brown


roofing contractors and roofing repair contractors



The roofers at NVR are experienced roofing contractors; they are well-versed in the repair and installation of roofs on buildings and/or houses, using a variety of materials, including shingles.  Because roofing contractors work outside, the Spring-through-Fall months are typically our busiest season (weather permitting).

NVR roofers typically do the following:

  • Inspect problem roofs to determine the best way to repair them
  • Measure the roof to calculate the quantities of materials needed
  • Replace damaged or rotting joists or plywood
  • Install vapor barriers or layers of insulation
  • Install shingles, asphalt, metal, or other materials to make the roof watertight
  • Align roofing materials with edges of the roof
  • Cut roofing materials to fit around walls or vents
  • Cover exposed nail or screw heads with roofing cement or caulk to prevent leakage


When installed properly by a certified roofing company, roofs keep water from leaking into buildings and damaging the interior, equipment, or furnishings.

roofing contractors and roofing repair contractors
roofing contractors and roofing repair contractors
roofing contractors and roofing repair contractors



Through the years, as NVR became known as expert roofers, clients started asking Nino Roca and his crews to install siding and windows too. We’ve added this expertise to our areas of specialization and now clients in Wilmington and across the state know they have one reliable family-owned siding contractor they can trust to handle all these jobs.

Whether you’re replacing a few worn panels or redoing the siding for your entire home, new siding not only gives you a home you can be proud of, but protects It from the elements and enhancements its curb appeal. It also goes without saying that giving your business a cost-efficient makeover with new sliding will not only improve your building’s appearance, but create a strong impression that reflects the high quality of your work.

roofing contractors and roofing repair contractors
roofing contractors and roofing repair contractors
roofing contractors and roofing repair contractors



Your windows are an integral part of the security, look and the all-important resale value of your home. Updating your windows can make your home more secure, add more light to darker rooms, improve curb appeal and help you save energy and money on heating and cooling. Whether you’re looking to repair or replace your old windows or give your home a dynamic makeover with new ones, you can trust he service and integrity of the Wilmington (De) window installation experts at NVR Contracting.

And it’s reassuring to know that you can trust the window replacement, installation and maintenance of your windows to the same people who have been installing and replacing roofing and siding in Wilmington and statewide for more than three decades.



Roofing Contractors!

With more than three decades as a professional roofing contractor, Nino Roca has handled thousands of projects, including those for luxury residential developments, as well as commercial and government roofing replacement projects across Delaware.

Even before we start a roofing or reroofing project, NVR and Son Contractors roof repair company carefully inspects and assesses the condition of your roof, replacing all rotten joists or plywood, or other disintegrating materials, and protecting the surface before beginning the job.

Top DE Roofing Contractors

Thorough and conscientious, before completing the process of roof replacement, NVR always aligns roofing materials with the edges of your roof, cuts roofing materials to fit around walls or vents, and covers exposed nail or screw heads with roofing cement or caulk to prevent leakage.

Nino and crews of up to 30 workers have handled roofing projects for commercial clients like Lowe’s Lumberyards and Foulk Manor North senior living community. State and local government roofing projects have included The Artisan Water Company and Delaware Solid Waste Authority building. Through the years, NVR has become their Wilmington roofing company of choice for both commercial and residential clients.

For many years he’s been the go-to roofing company for high-end residential developments in urban and suburban Wilmington as well as for new developments in Greenville, Centerville, Newark, Hope Essence and other communities across the state, including many of the new homes in Middletown.



Call us before you buy.  If we can’t beat your lowest quote from a licensed and insured roofing company in Delaware, we’ll give you a $50 Home Depot gift card … NO strings attached!

Roofing: Before & After


Roofing: Before & After


Roofing: Before & After


Roofing: Before & After


NVR and Son

Quality Products

Nino is skilled and experienced at working with both all traditional roofing materials (including slate, tile, cedar and many types of shingles), asphalt and metal, as well as all the durable new materials introduced over the last few years, including rubber, fiberglass and more.

NVR is an approved installer for such quality manufacturers as:

GAF—For over a century General Aniline & Film (GAF) has been North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, known for a variety of long-lasting quality products, including Timberline shingles, wood shake-look shingles, impact-resistant cool/reflective shingles and other forms of specialty shingles. Their other products include Ultra-Premium – Glenwood® Lifetime Designer Shingles, designed to recreate the natural look of real wood shakes. Beautiful options help contain your roofing costs.

Atlas. We provide full-warranty service and roofing solutions with products made by Atlas, one of America’s fastest growing manufacturers of roofing products, including roofing underlayments, sustainable energy-efficient polysio roofing materials, and the only shingle with lifetime protection against algae streaks and algae stains.

EPDM is NVR’s choice for large commercial projects. Available in black or white options and in a wide variety of widths, it’s an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) widely used in low-slope buildings worldwide. Nino and his crew can install this incredibly durable and weather resistant roofing product in a number of ways (from ballasted to mechanically attached), based on your preference. EPDM’s sophisticated roofing systems can be sealed with liquid adhesives or specially formulated tape.

For roofing in Wilmington, the roofing specialists at NVR have become the contractors of choice for roof leak repair and other roofing services, providing quality services while containing roofing costs. For additional information about the quality roofing products we sell and install across Delaware, including Kent, Newcastle and Sussex Counties, call (302) 999-9631.


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