Q:  My roof is only 10 years old but I’ve noticed a leak, does that mean my roof needs to be replaced?

A: Not necessarily. You will first want to check the following:
- Pipe collars
- Chimney flashings
- (Why? Because the above items don't last as long as the shingle roof warranties.)

Q:  In the winter, especially after a snow, there is one spot in my attic that is wet, but then it’s dry when it’s not wet outside.  Does that mean a section of my roof is bad?

A:  That issue can arise from a couple of things:
- If you have bad insulation, the coldest spot will have ice but when the temperature rises and the ice melts, you will get a drip. THAT is an insulation problem.
- Improper nailing when shingles are installed could lead to rusty nails and cause holes in roof shingles.
The best way to determine the condition of your roof is to give us a call and have one of our experienced contractors come take a look to see what exactly is happening. All our estimates are FREE.


Q:  My siding is less than two years old but a few pieces are definitely loose.  What causes this?

Siding may sometimes come “unlocked” when there is improper spacing during the installation process.  If siding is installed during the winter, due to colder temperatures it shrinks if not put on tight enough.  Similarly, if siding is installed during the summer, due to warmer temperatures it expands and could pop if put on too tight.


Q:  My electric bill seems to be getting higher every month and I feel a draft when I sit in front of my window.  Does that mean my window needs to be replaced?

A:  Not necessarily; your window could possibly just need to be re-caulked around the exterior trim.

Q:  How often should windows be replaced?

A:  Contractor-grade windows (newer built homes) typically will need to be replaced within 10 years unless the buyer used an upgraded window option; better-grade windows typically last 20 years.

Q:  When it comes time to replace my windows, what should I use?

A:  Install “Low E” vinyl windows with insulation (use Tyvek wrap for better energy efficiency).  One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES subcontractors make during window installation is not securing the Tyvek around the windows. Tyvek is specifically for wind and moisture resistance, so if is not installed properly, the windows will likely need to be replaced sooner than typically needed.


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