Roof replacement from NVR and Son Contractors

Dealing with a roofing company can be difficult. Some companies do excellent work, but they charge their clients exorbitant roofing prices for minor jobs. Others will inspect your roof and tell you that something is wrong when in fact the roof is fine. In worst case scenarios, contractors will come to your house, do shoddy work, and refuse to fix their mistakes. NVR and Son Contractors, on the other hand, do excellent work for affordable prices and they never take advantage of their customers. You can trust that they will always be honest and upfront with you.

Signs that you need to call our roofing contractors in Newark, DE

There are many ways you can tell that your roof is in need of repair. Look for the following signs:

●     Smell of mildew in your attic

●     Holes in the wooden supports could indicate insect damage

●     Dark stains in the wood on the underside of your roof or ceiling

●     Curled, bald, cracked or moss covered shingles

●     Missing drip edges

●     Parts of the roof are sagging

If your roof is over 20 years old, it may not be in need of serious repairs, but it is always a good idea to have a professional roofer have a look at it anyway. At this point in a roof’s lifespan, it becomes more susceptible to wear and tear, and it is best to detect small problems early before they become big, expensive ones.

Why you should always choose Big Nino’s roofing specialists

Big Nino and his roofing contractors in Newark, Delaware have 30 years of experience serving the greater Wilmington area, and you should always look to them for you roofing needs because:

●     Big Nino is OCHA certified

●     NVR is a family owned business

●     They never assign work to subcontractors

●     We work with both residential and commercial properties

●     Approved installer for General Aniline and Film, Atlas, and EPDM

The most comprehensive service for roofing in Newark, DE

Unlike other flat roof repair companies in Newark, we offer a variety of services for our customers:

●     our company inspects and repairs coverings and supports

●     we install and replace shingles and insulation

●     we do vapor barriers

●     fix harmful leaks

Big and Lil Nino and the rest of the team do it all. Not only can they do it all, they can do it well and affordably! All parts of your roof will be aligned, nail heads will be covered, and all cuts will fit perfectly around your vents. NVR and Son Contractors will come out to your place and give you a free estimate on whatever needs fixing. What is more, if your roof needs to be fixed, we take $50.00 off any repairs costing more than $350 and $1,000 off jobs over $10,000.

Always choose NVR and Son Contractors for roofing in Newark

For all your roofing needs, contact our customer service representatives at (302) 999 - 9631. With him and the gang on the job, your leaks will disappear like they were never there!