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The windows in a property are one of the most important elements to go into a design, yet they can also easily become one of the most overlooked. Getting the installation of your windows wrong can be costly in so many ways, especially financially and in terms of time. 

Whether you’re installing windows in your property for the first time, improving the security of your home or commercial unit, adding more light into a dark room, improving your property’s energy retainment, or simply improving the aesthetic look of your home for personal or resale purposes, NVR & Son Contractors window repair in Wilmington DE is here to help.

NVR & Son window replacement contractors, based in Wilmington, DE have been blessed with over 30 years of experience in the window installation industry, and specialize in installing, removing, and maintaining your windows, while guaranteeing the best performance and the longest lifespan for each product. 

Here at NVR & Son Contractors, we pride ourselves on being the best when it comes to putting our customers first in everything we do, whether it’s quoting the best price or providing quality service you expect from window installation company in Wilmington, DE. We do our best to make sure the entire process is as stress-free for our customers as possible. What we set out to achieve is to provide great service and make our clients happy.

The best window replacement contractors
in Wilmington, Delaware

We specialize in all the major aspects of a window repair service, as well as installation and maintenance, including:

  • Picture windows

  • Bay & bow windows

  • Single & double-hung windows

  • Gliding installations

  • Round top

  • Garden windows

  • Floor-to-ceiling sliding patio doors

  • Custom windows of all shapes and sizes

It doesn’t matter if you’re redesigning your property to make it modern and fashionable or you’re aiming for something more traditional and rustic, NVR & Son Contractors put you and your requirements first in every decision they make.

If your property requires it, we can also assist when it comes to replacing damaged and defective windows and those that are not up to scratch when it comes to security and energy sustainability.


Reduce your window replacement cost
with NVR & Son Contractors

Did you know that installing energy efficient windows into your property can help you save up to 35% of your usual heat, cooling, and energy consumption year-on-year? This number is only increasing as the technology for designing windows becomes more and more efficient.

Contrary to popular belief, having energy-efficient windows doesn’t mean they have to look ugly or plain, or ruin the appeal of your property. In fact, our energy-efficient windows are more beautiful and visually-pleasing than ever before.

Whether you’ve chosen the windows you want to be installed or you need help with picking out the panes that are right for your home or commercial property, we have got you covered.

We work alongside coveted and prestigious brands in the window industry, such as Andersen Windows and Doors, which allows us to provide you with exclusive access to some of the most attractive window sets available on the market. 

If you are looking for the affordable window replacement services in Wilmington, DE we are your one-stop company for all your needs. Our window installation costs will pleasantly surprise you. To get more information about our services and special offers on window replacement and installation, feel free to give us a call at (302) 999-9631. Together, we’ll see how we can help you make your window repair service dream a reality.

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